Thursday 2 August 2007

First, a guided visit of Galimard Perfumerie in Grasse,
Perfume Capital of the World.
Here are the old copper containers.

Rows and rows of extracts -

It takes five TONS of rose petals to make a bottle
of essential oil. Below is a display of the EXTRACTION
method of obtaining the rose essence.

Our lovely guide, explaining the making of perfume -

Next, we were able -
with the help of a Nose (Professional perfume makers),
to create our own perfume, with its own name and formula,
which we can reorder forever!

In Grasse, even a run down old car may have a loaf
of fresh-baked crusty bread on the ripped seat . . .

And then a guided visit of Cannes, the capital of the stars
La croisette Boulevard, The palaces, beach with thin white sand,
the street of the stars, Cannes festival, the port…etc.
Lunch at The Hotel Martinez> (La palme d'or, 2 Michelin Stars)
A free afternoon in Cannes with its fabulous little streets of luxury.

"Back to the hotel for dinner and relaxing on the terrace."
True - we came back to the hotel for a lovely dinner.
But . . . I wanted to photograph Grasse.

The square with its fountain and lovely buildings

and this group, who fit my fantasy of French people excitedly
discussing art and politics over wine.

Of course, as soon as we were told NOT to wander down the alleys
to the left, this immediately became a place I just HAD to photograph.