Friday 3 August 2007

Breakfast and departure for a guided visit of Monaco -
Exotic gardens, The Palace on the Rock,
the cathedral where Princess Grace is resting,
the changing of the guard, and
lunch at the Louis XV, the Number 1 restaurant in the world (!!)
(3 Michelin stars) Alain Ducasse is the only chef in the world
to own 3 restaurants with 3 Michelin stars each. C'est magnifique!
Free afternoon in Monaco, return to hotel for dinner and relaxing.

Sometimes a picture really IS worth 1000 words.
There's nothing to say - the views around Monaco were spectacular.

a photograph of mom photographing a couple of cuties

More beautiful views . . .

Changing of the Guard


I love this one -

Even the restrooms were fancy.

Yes, that really IS a dog collar for sale at 83 euros,
which CONVERTED to dollars, is $115.00.

Did I mention that, since I'm picking the photos,
I get to include a disproportionate number of my family?

The Famous Casino of Monte Carlo

Back in Grasse.

Our home away from home . . .

Thanks to Lissy for taking some of these photos!